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Welcome to Abschleppdienst Adam!

Did your car stall? Did you have an accident? Do you need help? Call us!

We are a family-owned company headquartered in the municipality Altenstadt a.d. Waldnaab. With more than four decades of experience, we are your competent partner for breakdown, recovery and towing services.

Thanks to our modern and powerful vehicles (see below), our services aren’t limited to passenger cars. We can tow trucks and buses as well.

Our services are available, among others, in the following regions:
– Altenstadt an der Waldnaab
– Neustadt an der Waldnaab
– Weiden in der Oberpfalz
– Tirschenreuth district
– Amberg-Sulzbach
– Schwandorf
– Grafenwöhr
– Wunsiedel
– Waidhaus
– Amberg

We cover the following motorways & main roads:
– A93
– A6
– B14
– B15
– B22
– B299
– B470

or any other place where you need our help!

We offer around-the-clock service! Contact us by phone or email any time!

We are there for you and will gladly help you!
Yours, the team of Abschleppdienst Adam

Around-the-clock service

Call us.

Just tap the phone icon on your cell phone.


Breakdown service
We offer on-site services to let you continue your travel quickly after your car has broken down.

Recovery service
We recover your vehicle after an accident and deliver it to the repair shop safely and speedily.

Towing service
We will tow your car if it is no longer roadworthy.

Rental car
Of course, we will supply a rental car to you, too.

Around-the-clock service
We are available around the clock and even on Sundays and holidays!

Trucks, passenger cars and buses
Our service is not limited to cars only. We can take care of trucks and buses as well.
We handle cargo transfer with a Palfinger crane, mobile crane or other lifting gear.


Mercedes Actros 4144

Four-axle recovery vehicle with all-wheel drive, 8x6 Omars wheel lift/underride lift 2 cable winches & large Palfinger crane

Tadano Faun ATF 45/3

Mobile three-axle recovery crane with a lifting height of up to 34 meters (~ 110 ft.) for recovery work of all kinds

Towing vehicles

Our Mercedes towing vehicles are equipped with special flatbeds, strong cable winches, large loading cranes and wheel lifts.


Breakdown service ADAM

Buch Nr. 11
D-92665 Altenstadt a.d. Waldnaab

Phone: +49 (0) 9602 5884
Fax:     +49 (0) 9602 5930

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